an operetta by Emmerich Kálmán,
Veliko Tarnovo Music and Drama Theatre
“Konstantin Kisimov”
26 July 2019 (Friday)
Konstantin Kissimov Music-Drama Theater -Veliko Turnovo will present on July 26, (Friday), the operetta “Montmartre’s Temenuzka”, created by the masterpiece of Imre Kalman “Montemnister Temenuzka”, for the first time in Bulgaria the performance presents the original version of Julius Bramer and Alfred Grunwald, who authored the libretto, “The Montmartre Temenau” has been recognized by world music critics for the most mature work of the King of Operetta, the Austrian-Hungarian Imre Kalman. This piece laid the foundations for the musical genre. The first premiere took place at the Johann Strauss operetta in Vienna on March 20, 1930, and has not since left the world of music. The libretto was based on the book “Scenes from Bohemian Life” by Henri Murge. On different parts of it were created “Temenuzhka” and two other works – peaks in the history of opera art – the operas “Bohemia” by Giacomo Puccini and Leoncavallo. “In Bulgaria there are two attempts to put the title, unfortunately, with a too transformed libretto. and replaced characters because of communist censorship of the era – not by the original text of the work, but by variations written by Soviet librettists. Our team decided to put the work for the first time in our country on the original version, “said director Boyko Bogdanov. The operetta tells about the dreams and life of three boys – musician, artist and poet. Along with their story is presented the story of a girl – a street florist and a singer from the borough of Paris Bohemia Montmartre, her name is Violetta. An ordinary poor girl who, from a street florist by accident, becomes a real operetta star at the Vaudeville Theater. Ninon is another woman, also part of this company. She embodies a woman – a flirtatious – attractive, sexy and ambitious, gullible woman who sacrifices her love for the sake of her career. At the center of the love triangle according to the old classical custom is the artist Raul Delacroix, split in his choice between these two women. “Konstantin Kisimov”
A special gift for the audience will be the audio-visual show “Tsarevgrad Turnov-sound and light”, which will be broadcast after the end of the performance.
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open-air stage in Tsarevets Fortress