Opera in the Circus:
an Italian opera by Ruggero Leoncavallo,
State Opera Stara Zagora and
Academic Circus “Balkanski”
4 October 2019 (Friday)

Circus Opera: Burns is the latest headline on the 2019 Scene of the Century poster. The performance of the State Opera-Stara Zagora and the Balkansky Academic Circus will be presented on October 4 (Friday) at the circus stage in Kolio Ficheto Quarter.

Leoncavallo’s The Burning Opera is the only opera with a real-life storyline telling the life and personal drama of the artist. In the production, the traveling troupe is a circus and the action unfolds in a circus amidst the natural décor of the Balkans Academic Circus arena. Spectators can expect an unusual and highly influential classical production with the participation of star soloists, people and the orchestra of the State Opera-Stara Zagora. Under the dome of the circus will be presented an attractive circus program performed by artists from Balkan Academic Circus. The numbers are carefully selected by the creative team to logically fit into the musical dramaturgy and enhance the color of the realistic artistic atmosphere.

Director – Ognian Draganov
Conductor – Ivaylo Krinchev
Concertmaster – Rumen Kakamakov
Set design and costumes – Catalin Ionescu- Arbor / Romania /
Choir Master – Mladen Stanev
Artists of the Balkan Academic Circus troupe
Soloists, choir, orchestra of the State Opera-Stara Zagora

Photos of performance